Hello world!  My name is Michael Rosario.   I serve the Mercer University Google Developer Group (GDG) as a mentor.   The Mercer GDG serves software developers, engineers and designers in the middle Georgia area through education and community building events.   In the Fall of 2013, we have hosted sessions on the following topics:
In general, the group studies and teaches technologies connected to the very unique ethos of Google culture.   As computer professionals, we work in a wildly exciting area.  Armed with the right software and resourcefulness, we convert ideas into systems that serve businesses, nonprofits, and communities.    You don’t need big expensive tools or materials.   You don’t need permission.   You need passion and the persistence to see the idea through the creative/engineering process.  I believe that this process is a balance of art, leadership, and science.
Starting With WHY
As we start our blog for the GDG, I wanted to share my favorite principles from Google’s culture.    I enjoy exploring the “WHY” or belief structures of businesses and nonprofits.   It’s fun to find find nuggets of truth that I can adopt into my design processes.